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Don't Wait to Ride the Twisties

Excerpt from Hudson Valley Wings (Chapter X, NY District, Region B) September/October 2017 Newsletter

"Chapter Treasurer Peter (Pedro) Cantline and I have recently returned from a fourteen-day,

Five-Country Tour in Europe! Not sure how long it takes the adrenaline rush to subside but WOW!! Blue Rim Tours advertises this and many of their tours as a “trip of a lifetime!” They were not kidding one bit!

From the time we landed in Munich, Germany, until the time we departed on September 1, everything, and I mean every-thing was taken care of and looked after. I can’t say enough about BRT’s attention to detail! For Pete and me, this was our second trip with Blue Rim Tours (Peru 2016).

Our motorcycles, picked up from BMW in Munich, were pretty much brand new, less than 1000 km! On the day we took delivery of our two-wheel offices, the group took off on a short 80 km ride just really to allow everyone to get acclimated to their machines (more det ails later). After that, it was “be at the bikes at 0830 SHARP” for a pre-ride talk with our tour guide, Peter (no, not Pedro!), for the days ride.

We were on the road typically by 8:45 am. A typical day consisted of a morning “coffee” stop, usually at a small quaint country-side café. The lunch stop was any time between noon and 1pm for an hour. Sometimes we would dine at a small local eatery, other days Florian would break away from the group mid-morning and pick up lunch provisions and meet us at a predetermined location for a picnic lunch.

It seemed that every day just got better! If you like twisties and switchbacks THIS IS A TOUR FOR YOU!! If you are one who reads about trips like this and dreams of “someday,” don’t wait! Do it while you are still young!

I can say without a doubt that being associated with GWRRA as a Chapter Educator and having taken part in ARC’s in the past has made me a better rider, which paid off big on this tour. I would be remiss if I also didn’t mention the huge benefit California Super Bike School played in carving the switchbacks and twisties in the mountain passes of the Alps and Dolomite mountains.

As you might expect, riding is much different in Europe than here in the states. Let’s just say if we rode here like we rode in Europe, Pete and I would both be in jail! Now, just to clarify, we were NOT reckless by any means! European cage drivers expect motorcyclists to pass them, and will even flash their right turn signal to give you the all clear, try that here!

I will carry the memories I brought back from this trip for the rest of my life. Pete and I made new friends who we expect to visit state-side, and perhaps even meet up with on our next BRT adventure."

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