Motorcycling Heaven is a Place on Earth: Part II

In my last blog entry, I wrote about the radical roads you’ll encounter on Blue Rim Tour’s Five-Country Tour such as Stelvio Pass and Passo Gavio in Italy. Challenging pass roads are a big part of what I consider to be motorcycling heaven, but the people I met while on the tour made it the trip of a lifetime. Here are a few more reasons why you should ride on this trip: Friendly Folks The overall friendliness and courtesy of the people, especially those using the roadways, is very noticeable when riding in this area. Riding at a brisk pace, we often overtook slower, four-wheeled traffic. Upon seeing our headlights in their rearview mirror, some drivers would engage their right turn signal, s

Motorcycling Heaven is a Place on Earth: Part I

What’s your vision of motorcycling heaven? Is it a place of unspoiled natural beauty? Or is it riding an endless progression of curvy roads through breathtaking mountain scenery? Does it involve refueling at the end of the day with delicious cuisine at a one-of-a-kind hotel? Not only does motorcycling heaven exist, but it’s also a place right here on Earth! I recently joined Blue Rim Tours for their Five-Country Tour in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, and Switzerland. The Five-Country Tour is their longest running trip, first organized by RoadRUNNER Magazine’s founder Christian Neuhauser. He wanted to bring readers back to the places that inspired him. It was my first time visiting Europe

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