Rules of the Road: Basic Group Riding Etiquette

Riding in a group is a great way to experience a new place while enjoying the camaraderie other like-minded motorcyclists. When done improperly, however, it poses special risks. Here are eight suggestions for mitigating those risks and enjoying your upcoming tour! Plan the Ride/Ride the Plan Our tours are well organized, with designated fuel and lunch stops. During a pre-ride meeting, we’ll discuss route conditions, riding formation, hand signals, and speed. It’s important that everyone understands and sticks to the plan, unless an unforeseen event requires deviation. Designate an Experienced Ride Leader The ride leader sets an appropriate steady pace for the groups’ skill level, has an in

How to Get Your Body Ready for Tour

Preparing your body and mind is as important as preparing your bike While much has been written about preparing a rider’s motorcycle for a tour, relatively little is ever said about preparing a rider’s body for a multi-day trip. And yet all serious riders know just how much mental focus and physical stamina it takes to ride all day. As you eagerly anticipate your upcoming trip, consider the next logical course of action: preparing your body for the road. If you haven’t already, start a physical conditioning regiment that includes at least three main areas of focus: Flexibility Lack of flexibility can result in increased pain, impaired muscle coordination, and increased risk of injury while o

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