The Five-Country Tour Experience (Video)

The Five-Country Tour was the very first trip ever offered or sponsored by RoadRUNNER Magazine. Today, it’s still one of our most popular tours, filling up every single year. One of our participants from 2012, Russell Janecka, captured a few of his favorite moments in this short video. Give it a look and get inspired!

Planning a Great Motorcycle Adventure: Four Things to Consider

Text by Melanie Merritt Photo by Florian Neuhauser Planning your dream vacation shouldn’t be a nightmare. Especially when you’re enlisting the help of a tour operator. But between researching where you want to go and calculating how much it’s all going to cost (Wait, do I pay for my own gas?) it’s easy to get stressed out before you’ve even started to pack. Here are five things you should consider when planning your next big motorcycle adventure. 1. Develop expectations for your trip: Most people decide to go on a trip with a destination in mind, but not all of us consider what kind of overall experience we want to have. Ask yourself some of these questions before you begin your research.

Before You Ride: Mental Preparedness

The mental aspect of riding a motorcycle safely is of paramount importance, regardless of whether you’re riding to the neighborhood Starbucks or going cross-country. Here are some things to think about before you ride: Am I fit, relaxed and calm? As noted above, riding a motorcycle proficiently and safely on the street requires a high degree of mental focus. That focus will be impaired if a rider is tired, emotionally upset or mentally distracted with other pressing matters. Make sure you’re rested and able to concentrate on the mental demands of motorcycling. Have I considered the weather, road and other riding challenges I’m likely to encounter on today’s ride? Mentally project the ri

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