Best Practices for Group Riding: Part I

Lane Position, Formation, and Following Distance Some people are unsure about group riding before they decide to go on one of our tours. In reality, though, riding in a group is a lot of fun when you’re paired with like-minded riders who are following the same safety guidelines. Just like riding in traffic, the goal of riding in a group of motorcycles is to make sure your “danger zone”—the space ahead of you, behind, and to the side—is kept clear of other vehicles. In general terms, you should keep a space of at least two seconds clear in front and the same behind, and avoid encouraging other vehicles to share your lane. That includes other motorcycles. Imagine that each lane on the road is

The Can’t Miss List – Part I

Things to Do and See in Munich, Germany The capital of the German state of Bavaria, Munich lies in the southeast corner of Germany and is home to historic sights, museums, and fascinating architecture. It also happens to be the starting point for all of Blue Rim’s European tours, which means that over the years we’ve spent quite a lot of time here. If you decide to arrive early or stay late for a tour, you’ll want to check out a few of Munich’s “can’t miss” attractions: BMW Museum Since Munich is home to BMW’s headquarters it’s no surprise that the city is also home to the brand’s museum. The museum’s extensive displays include cars, engines, aircraft, and motorcycles from the company’s stor

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