Off the Beaten Path: Where We Ride

When you travel with us in Europe, you’ll arrive in Munich. This world-class airport is the second busiest in Germany and the seventh busiest in Europe, with many connections to airports around the world. Derived from the Old/Middle High German term Munichen, meaning “by the monks,” Munich offers every kind of sightseeing opportunity a traveler could imagine, from museums and gardens, village squares, and delicious cuisine to 16-day-long Oktoberfest. It doesn’t hurt that BMW calls Munich home, either. However, it’s the largest city we will see, as our tours follow roads that often only locals know about. While we will still hit some of the most famous motorcycle roads in Europe, including th

Fly and Ride: How to Do It Right

It’s never been easier for motorcyclists to explore the world on two wheels. Whether you’re interested in journeying to another part of the country, to Europe, or beyond, fly and ride adventures are flat-out fun—if you know how to do them right. While length and destination will affect what and how you pack, here are some basic rules we always follow: Carry On For short trips, we recommend carrying your luggage on board, as this minimizes the risk of it getting lost. Wear your riding jacket and boots and pack the rest of your belongings in a small dry duffel. If you’re taking a longer tour and need to check luggage, don’t pack all your gear in one oversized bag, as weight limits will most l

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