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Three Reasons Riding Is Better Together

Considering a group motorcycle tour?

The joy of hopping on your motorcycle and taking off on a solo adventure can’t be denied, but in our society of rugged individualists, sometimes the joys of not going it alone are overlooked.

If you’re on the fence about taking a motorcycle tour this year, consider the benefits of seeing the world with a group.

  1. New friends, new ideas, and new conversations The beautiful thing about riding is it’s a deep common bond shared by an incredibly diverse group of people. At the start of a motorcycle tour, you’re placed in a group of strangers—who all love the same thing. Along the way, you’re guaranteed to have new conversations, hear new stories, discover new ideas, and very likely make new friends, all while traversing a beautiful portion of the planet. In what other setting is this possible?

  1. Mechanical trouble? You’re not alone—literally. Being able to fix a mechanical hiccup is wise, but who actually likes to be stranded alone with a broken-down bike? On a tour, your fellow riders are your built-in safety net and you’re part of theirs. Get a flat tire or run into some engine trouble and instead of frustration you’ll feel the relief of new friends rallying around to help. Plus, that’s what the tour guides are for. All of our guides carry the necessary equipment for minor repairs.

  1. Sharing in the view

Is a mountain or a lake or a sunset any less spectacular if taken in alone? Definitely not. But if you’ve ever traveled alone, you know how much more fun it can be to share views and stories with friends and family members in the days and months following—or with your partner!

Looking for a classic yet challenging tour this year? check out our Five-Country Tour, which takes place August 21 – September 1, 2016. Atop BMWs, you’ll traverse Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, and Switzerland. Meant for riders who are experienced in mountain riding, this will prove to be the trip of a lifetime with the endless switchbacks of the Alps and Dolomites.

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