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What You Won’t Need to Pack for a Blue Rim Tour

A few items you luckily don’t need on an organized motorcycle trip with us!

1. Laptop computer.

You’re on vacation, why do work? Plus, laptops take up lots of space, are heavy, and can be easily damaged. This is also a great excuse for your boss if you need one. “My laptop just won’t fit on a motorcycle, sorry!”

2. Hair dryer (or other large bathroom accessories).

Awkward shaped items aren’t easy to pack on a bike and when your head is in a helmet all day anyway, this one’s hard to justify. So let your hair be free and enjoy having one less thing to do in the mornings.

3. More than One Pair of Shoes or Pants

The only footwear you’ll need is your riding boots and one pair of comfortable, casual shoes to wear off the bike. And because you ride so much on our trips, you’ll hardly wear out the one pair of non-riding pants you brought. Enjoy packing light for once and not having to worry about picking out what to wear.

4. Lots of Extra Cash

Yes, it’s a good idea to carry some cash with you when you travel. But every Blue Rim Tour includes most of your meals, all of your fuel, and any entrance fees or tolls you will encounter, so you really won’t need much extra cash! It’s nice not having to worry about what you’re spending while on vacation.

There are so many great reasons to use the services of an organized tour operator especially if you’re traveling, by motorcycle, outside of the country for the first time. If you love to travel, to ride with other like minded folks, and you’ve always wanted to take a dream motorcycle trip, check out our 2017 Tour Schedule. We are sure to have a trip that’s perfect for you!

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