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Spain & Portugal

April 25 - May 8, 2022 (closed)

Registration Deadline: January 15, 2022

Duration: 14-day vacation, 10 riding days,

                    2 sightseeing days, 2 travel days

Skill Level:                              (moderate)  

Group Size: 6 – 12 motorcycles

Arrival: Lisbon, Portugal (LIS)

Departure: Lisbon, Portugal (LIS)

Total Distance: 1,416 miles (2,279 km)

Average Daily Mileage: 177 miles (285 km)

Average Temperature: 40-80ºF / 4-27ºC

Intern. Driver's License Required

Highlights: Historic monasteries and chapels • Monsaraz • Córdoba • The Alhambra • Sierra Nevada • Guadix • Ronda • and much more!

The motorcycle experience of a lifetime awaits you in Spain and Portugal; an inspiring travel destination that will stay with you forever. We have added an extra day to this tour in 2021 to allow more time to explore this fascinating region.


Lisbon, Portugal’s capital, situated on the Atlantic coast, is the departure/return-point for this most engaging and breathtaking tour. The tour begins with a day of sightseeing in Lisbon, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, which—legend has it—was founded by Greek hero Ulysses. Once underway the tour unfolds over the famously serpentine roads of Portugal, ascending the Sierra Nevada to the Portuguese paradise of Monsaraz, a medieval village where castles, chapels, heritages, and prehistoric monuments transport visitors into the past. The adventure then takes riders across the border into Spain, savoring more of the region’s famously enthralling roads that mix great riding with spectacular scenery. Delving deeper into Spain you will visit the famous whitewashed Iberian city of Córdoba, then wind your way to the dramatic cliff side village of Ronda, visit the legendary Alhambra and Guadix, among others—all destinations arrived at on motorcycle-friendly winding roads that provide an unparalleled riding experience for motorcycle enthusiasts.


Each day of the tour presents riders with a treasure trove of scenic pleasures; rolling hills, emerald coastlines, ancient monasteries, lush farmland, remote mountain villages and red rock formations. Along the way there are scheduled stops at points of interest and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the food of the region. After traveling through the history and culture of Spain the tour then returns to the lighthouse-dotted coast of Portugal, with its quaint fishing villages and stunning beaches, culminating with a ride across the Tagus River, delivering you back to Lisbon. This exceptional 14-day (10 riding days) tour rewards participants with a lifetime of memories. Rest assured, as a motorcyclist, after experiencing the unforgettable landscapes and roads of Spain and Portugal, you will never be quite the same—the magic staying with you long after the tour is over.

portugal map-01.jpg


Day 1

Departure from the U.S. or Canada and arrival in Europe on the following day. There is a time difference of five hours from Eastern Standard Time.

Day 2
Arrival in Lisbon, Portugal

Meet the group and explore Lisbon on foot, one of the most interesting capitals of Europe. You can explore historic monasteries and chapels, art museums and waterfront promenades, and of course the Café culture. We recommend that you arrive a day early to not only acclimate to the time difference but to also make the most out of the trans-Atlantic flight.

Day 3
Lisbon to Vila Vicosa, Portugal

Most importantly, we're picking up the motorcycles. After a walk-around, familiarization, and packing, we'll leave Lison. Crossing the Alentejo, a typical Portuguese landscape of rolling hills, a rather relaxing ride transports us into a beautiful and rather unknown landscape.

Day 4
Vila Vicosa to Monsaraz, Portugal

Our first glimpse of Spain as we're riding along the border between Spain and Portugal. The two countries where big rivals in the old days, so all the towns were built like fortresses on top of hills, which makes great sights these days. If you think the roads are stunning just wait until you see the inspiring architecture!

Day 5
Monsaraz to Córdoba, Spain

After an adrenaline filled ride in which we ride over several mountain passes we reach Córdoba, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's the third largest city in Andalusia, and Córdoba has a rich history.

Day 6
Córdoba – Granada, Spain

Leaving balmy Córdoba we head for Granada at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Day 7

We visit The Alhambra, a Moorish citadel and palace. It is one of the great sights of Europe. Granada sits around 2,400ft yet only a short distance from the ocean. That means you'll encounter a few curves on the way here. End the day savoring dinner with an unforgettable view of the illuminated Alhambra.

Day 8
Granada – Lanjarón, Spain

Today you'll see houses carved into hard rocks in Barrio de Santiago in Guadix, and enjoy a spectacular ride across the Sierra Nevada, the second highest range in Europe.

Day 9
Lanjarón– Ronda, Spain

Ronda was once home to author Ernest Hemingway and actor-director Orson Welles for a reason. The area offer beautiful, picture-postcard landscapes, gorges, and more. And we get to take it in from two wheels!

Day 10
Ronda, Spain

Ronda truly is a sight to behold. A gorge runs through the city creating the 400-foot El Tajo. Ronda also has an old bullfighting ring. As an optional rest day you can choose to explore by foot or ride a short loop that still gives you plenty of time to walk around Ronda.

Day 11
Ronda – Carvoeiro, Portugal

By now you're in seventh heaven food wise. The cuisine on this tour is out of this world. You've never had seafood like this before. Along the way you'll pass the famous pueblos blancos (white villages) of Ronda and the agricultural valley of Rio Guadalquivir before turning in at the Costa de la Luz (the Coast of Light).

Day 12
Carvoeiro – Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal

Here we venture out a little and take in the windswept vistas accessible only on two wheels completely surrounded by the ocean. We'll visit the strongest lighthouse on the continent and then ride to the wild west coast.

Day 13
Vila Nova – Lisbon, Portugal

As a final crescendo to this exquisite tour we'll cross the Tejo River, which will remind you of traversing the Golden Gate Bridge. We return the motorcycle before sharing one last memorable night of sightseeing and dinner together.

Day 14
Flight home from Portugal and arrival back home in U.S. and Canada on the same date. 

What's Included in the Tour Price

  • Your choice of BMW motorcycle rental

  • Support vehicle for additional luggage and limited space for passengers

  • Motorcycle insurance

  • Multilingual tour guide(s)

  • Accommodations at comfortable, family owned middle-class hotels (12 hotel nights)

  • All breakfasts and dinners; lunch is not provided

  • Fuel during the entire trip

  • Airport shuttle service

  • All entrance fees and tolls

  • A detailed tour information package including maps, guide books, and a T-shirt

2022 Prices (per person) 
We reserve the right to adjust the rates at any time.

* optional VIP insurance to lower deductible is available

Not Included in the Tour Price

Not included in the tour price are international or other airfare to/from Lisbon, Portugal, personal items, passport, speeding tickets and other fines, laundry and dry cleaning, telephone calls, lunches, beverages, personal hotel room charges, medical and accident insurance, and transportation to and from the airport for early arrivals and late departures.


The hotels are mostly family-owned and -operated and each has wonderful local flavor. They are two- to five-star establishments, and all provide breakfast and dinner. You will feel welcome and at home right away. Some hotels have a pool or sauna, so bring your bathing suit, and all provide hair dryers. If you bring any electronic devices, remember that Europe has different voltage (220V) and electrical outlets, so make sure you have the right converters and plugs and that your electronic devices work on both voltages. Casual clothes for evenings are fine; there’s no need for formal wear.

Group Size

The group will be between six and twelve riders and will be led by one or two guides.  

Roads and Traffic

Note, though riding an average of only 177 miles or 285 km per day may seem easy, don’t be deceived. You should be comfortable riding in traffic as well as on narrow and curvy mountain roads.

Rental Bikes

Available motorcycles may be subject to change.

  • BMW F 700 GS / F 750 GS

  • BMW R 1200 GS / R 1250 GS

  • BMW R 1200 RT / R 1250 RT

Motorcycles are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, depending upon availability and are not guaranteed. The R 1200 GS/R 1250 GS or R 1200 RT /R 1250 RT bikes are good choices for two-up riding. If you do not have any experience with a model that you are considering, we suggest that you visit your local dealer to see which bike feels the most comfortable for you.


Tour members will be able to securely store suitcases and any other extra luggage in the first hotel of the trip. One piece of luggage per person will go on the support vehicle.


The BMWs we provide for our tours are equipped with a full luggage system. The volume of the hard side cases varies, depending on the motorcycle. Generally, you can count on a total of 60 to 70 liters (2.4 cu ft) of storage. All rental motorcycles come with side cases and a top case. Dry duffels or waterproof roll bags strapped to the back seat are most useful for extra luggage capacity.

The rental motorcycles are not equipped with tankbags. If you bring a tankbag, make sure that it uses straps and not magnets, which won’t work on the BMWs’ tanks.

Motorcycle Insurance

The deductible for the motorcycle insurance included in your tour package is approximately $1,200 for the F 700 GS / F 750 GS and $1,250 for the R 1200 GS / R 1250 GS and R 1200 RT / R 1250 RT. The actual amount may slightly vary due to currency fluctuation. Additional VIP insurance in the amount of $220 is available to reduce the deductible to $450 for F 750 GS, F 700 GS and to $650 for R 1200 / 1250 GS, RT upon request.


The deductible will be held on your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) at the time of picking up your motorcycle and is refunded upon return. In case of minor damage to your motorcycle, an appraisal of the repair cost is made, based on the dealer’s cost, and paid from your deductible. In case the cost of any damage to the motorcycle is higher than the deductible, or if the bike is stolen, the deductible is forfeited entirely. The insurance company will cover the remainder of the cost.

Trip Extras

To ensure that you have the easiest travel experience possible, Blue Rim Tours offers select services for an additional fee. If you are interested in any of the following trip extras, please indicate on your registration form:

  • Early/late lodging arrangements

  • Extended motorcycle rentals​​​

Deposit and Payment

A deposit of $1,000 per person is required to reserve your place on the tour. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. We accept personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and money orders. On January 15, 2022, 50% of the tour price is due. The remaining balance of the tour is due by February 26, 2022.

Reservation Deadline

The deadline for registration is January 15, 2022.

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you need to cancel your trip and do so (in writing) between January 15 and February 25, you forfeit 50% of the total tour price. February 26, 2022 and after the total tour price is non-refundable.

Minimum Tour Requirement

We reserve the right to cancel any tour if the number of participants booked does not meet the minimum requirement to operate the trip or due to force majeure. In the unlikely event that this should occur, your payment will be refunded minus the non-refundable registration fee. This fee can be applied to another tour of your choice. 


Please make your flight reservations after the registration deadline for the tour. We will send you a reminder email to book your flight.

Trip & Medical Insurance

It is highly recommended that you get trip insurance. Also, check with your health insurance provider about your coverage while traveling overseas. For additional information on trip cancellation insurance, visit Please read our helpful blog about travel insurance here.


Temperatures will range between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit (4-27 Celsius). It can be fairly hot in the low areas, especially inland, cool in the Sierra Nevada, and along the coast. The climate is comparable to that of southern California. For the temperature to reach 40 degrees Fahrenheit (7 Celsius) is uncommon but possible. Most of the time it’ll be in the 70s and 80s. It’s still a good idea to dress in layers so that you can easily adjust to changing weather conditions.

Contact Information

Blue Rim Tours

3601 Edgemoor Court

Clemmons NC 27012

(336) 306-5282

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