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Blue Rim Tours Destinations Featured in New York Times’ ‘52 Places to Go in 2017’ List

For the 12th straight year, the New York Times Travel section published its “Places to Go” issue. To create this year’s list of 52 places to visit, the magazine asked regular contributors, many of who are global travelers or live overseas, for ideas. Hundreds of readers wrote in, too.

Three of Blue Rim Tours’ premier destinations made the list: Dubrovnik and Istria, Croatia, and Sacred Valley, Peru.

Along the Dalmatian Coast is Dubrovnik, one of the main stops on our Croatia Coast & Curves tour. Times contributor David Farley writes, “With its limestone-paved streets and 80-foot-high walls surrounding Old Town, this star of the Dalmatian Coast has long been able to rest on its aesthetic laurels—you might recognize it as King’s Landing on ‘Game of Thrones.’ In recent years, though, it has been adding to the luster.”

Join us on our September tour through Croatia and you’ll enjoy sightseeing in this culturally rich town, dubbed the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” From its picturesque pedestrian thoroughfares to its Baroque architecture, elaborate museums, and rocky seaside vistas, Dubrovnik offers something for everyone.

You’ll also experience Istria. “Long overshadowed by Dalmatia to the south, Croatia’s Istria region is gaining new attention,” writes Evan Rail. This heart-shaped peninsula is where Croatia meets the Adriatic Sea. Verdant plains and rolling hills line its interior, while the sparkling coastline is a popular summer retreat for Central Europeans. The area is known for its history and delicious gastronomy, from truffles and fresh seafood to award-winning wines.

Below the equator, the Sacred Valley is a stop on our April/May Peru tour. Situated along the Urubamba River in the Andean highlands, it, along with Cusco and Machu Picchu, formed the heart of the Inca Empire. El Valle Sagrado is a land of sprawling green foothills, colonial villages, and handicraft markets. It’s connected to Cusco to the south by a nearly 10-mile road of twists and turns, perfect for two-wheel touring.

To learn more about these and other Blue Rim Tours destinations, contact us today online or by phone at (866) 343-7623.

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