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2017 Travel Resolution: Start planning your dream trip now!

Every rider has a bucket list, but many wait years to start checking off items. If there’s a tour you’ve wanted to take and no serious roadblocks stand in your way, now is a great time to start planning. We’ve helped hundreds of motorcyclists take the tour of their dreams. Here are a few suggestions to get the ball—or wheels—rolling now.

1. Make a list of all the places you (and your partner) would like to go Whether riding solo or two up, consider location first. Does an Alpine tour through Europe sound like your kind of vacation, surrounded by the luxury and charm of the Old World, or would it be more fun to climb the seemingly never-ending Andes in Peru? Make a list of all the places you’d like to tour then narrow it down to your top five picks.

2. Seek out tour operators or rental agencies If you prefer to ride alone and are content to curate your own tour, get in touch with local rental agencies or tour operators and ask about availability and options like self-guided packages where you’ll be provided with an itinerary and pre-booked hotels. The biggest benefit of guided tours is that everything is taken care of for you—from planning and preparation to luggage and daily destinations. Blue Rim tour guides are always area natives who have an intimate knowledge of the region and its history and will show you the culture, cuisine, and roads only known by locals. Plus, it’s nice to follow, focus on the scenery, and not have to worry about every turn or the constant thought of “is there something special I’m missing here?”

3. Decide what time of the year you’d like to travel Know when you would like to, or can, travel. June through September is beautiful in Europe. Meanwhile, spring is when you’ll want to visit South America. If you’re thinking of traveling to Asia, September and October are your best bets. Australia and New Zealand are good during the northern hemisphere’s winter months. Whatever country you choose, look up its rainy season!

4. Consider what’s included This is particularly important if you’re booking a guided tour. What do you want your tour provider to take care of? Blue Rim Tours is almost all-inclusive, meaning airport shuttle service when you arrive, a motorcycle, insurance, fuel, hotels, breakfasts and dinners, entrance fees, tolls, a chase vehicle (depending on the tour), and more is covered in the price. All you pay for separately is airfare, lunch, and drinks. This makes budgeting so much easier.

5. Request info and book early If you’re interested in a guided tour, we recommend booking nine months in advance; some organizations have a yearlong waiting list. Even if 2017 isn’t the year you plan on taking your dream tour, there’s no reason not to get the conversation started now. As they say, there’s no time like the present. Request a detailed tour info packet early, as websites usually don’t list all the information.

Have more questions or want to learn more about our tours? Give us a call at (866) 343-7623.

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