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Fly and Ride: How to Do It Right

It’s never been easier for motorcyclists to explore the world on two wheels. Whether you’re interested in journeying to another part of the country, to Europe, or beyond, fly and ride adventures are flat-out fun—if you know how to do them right.

While length and destination will affect what and how you pack, here are some basic rules we always follow:

Carry On

For short trips, we recommend carrying your luggage on board, as this minimizes the risk of it getting lost. Wear your riding jacket and boots and pack the rest of your belongings in a small dry duffel.

If you’re taking a longer tour and need to check luggage, don’t pack all your gear in one oversized bag, as weight limits will most likely be exceeded. Avoid the extra charge and pack two bags instead. And remember: heavy items should be packed first, then lighter items, then your toiletries and other daily necessities.

Your helmet should always be a carry-on. Pack it in a well-protected helmet bag with a handle and place your gloves inside. If your checked luggage does end up being late you can still ride that first day or two.

Waterproof It

No one likes to deal with damp, dewy gear. Dry bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some roll closed, some open across the top, and some open on either end. However yours is designed, make sure it’s rolled, cinched, and/or zipped tight to ensure waterproofness.

Pack Multiple-use Items

Motorcycle touring will bring out the minimalist in you. Multiple-use items are a great way to save space, weight, and hassle. For instance, hiking boots make decent riding boots if you’re taking a short tour and have no room for dedicated riding boots. When it comes to clothing, consider bringing a couple packets of detergent and only the bare necessities; laundry can always be done in hotel sinks.

Prepare for Rain

First rule of motorcycle touring: never forget rain gear! Even if you’re elated to be heading to the sunniest, driest place on earth, you never know when a stray shower—or storm—might pop up. Trust us on this one.

Thinking of doing a fly and ride in 2017? Check out our 2017 tour dates!

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