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Five Sights You’ll See on the Five-Country Tour

Experiencing Europe with Blue Rim Tours

The Five-Country Tour is Blue Rim Tours’ longest running trip, an inspired route through the Alps and Italian Dolomite’s. Skilled riders can look forward to serpentine roads and stunning landscape in every country, but all five are brilliantly unique.


Every Blue Rim tour begins in Munich, Germany and for good reason. Munich is a joyful and deeply historic city, known to many for the Oktoberfest. Germany is dotted with vibrant town squares, and Munich’s is the Marienplatz (St. Mary’s Square). Pass the Rathaus—town hall—at 11 a.m., 12 p.m., or 5 p.m. and you’ll see the famous Glockenspiel put on a show.


Austria is known for skiing, hiking, and the beautiful Alps, but we’ll crisscross the pass roads as we make our way through the provinces of Salzburg and Carinthia. Meticulously manicured homes and pastures line the roads, there’s no shortage of great food, and we’ll get our first tastes of the seemingly never-ending switchbacks.


Slovenia is a hidden gem. The country is the third most forested in Europe, filled with waterways, and home to the oldest vino in the world. We’ll follow the winding Predil Pass through the Julian Alps and past quaint villages on our way to Italy.


The Dolomites are known as the “Pale Mountains” for the carbonate rock dolomite that makes up the jagged mountain range. Located in northeastern Italy, they were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009 and are home to a national park and multiple regional parks. Stunning, serpentine passes will be our guide.


Switzerland is the best place in the world to be born, according to a 2013 survey taken by the Economist Intelligence Unit—but it might be an even better place to travel. St. Moritz, an alpine town in Engadin, will offer riders a glimpse into a country known for its magnificent mountains and gorgeous ski resorts.

Don’t miss out! There’s still one week left to register for the 2016 Five-Country Tour where you’ll experience all this and more!

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