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City Portrait: Split, Croatia

Experiencing The Adriatic Coast

Named after a shrub, Split may not have the most exciting or intriguing name but look at one photo, and you’ll be hooked!

The town and its surroundings are situated on a narrow peninsula, and at the end of it you find Split’s historic center; perhaps it could be better described as a living museum. The Roman Emperor Diocletian built his retirement home here 1,700 years ago. The palace has the form of a Roman military fortress and is the size of more than five football fields. Up to 10,000 people once lived here, and some still do. Most of the structure is well preserved. The best time to venture here is at night when you can absorb the splendor of its stone gates, narrow alleys, and underground corridors. In the evenings, the heat of the day and all the tourists from the cruise ships are gone. You can hear the sound of musicians bouncing off the 1,700 year-old stone walls. It’s such a special atmosphere that it’s difficult to describe. You just have to experience it yourself.

“Split is one of my favorite places in Europe to visit, and I’m excited whenever I get a chance to make an overnight stop on the Croatia Tour. Our next tour in Croatia starts September 21, 2016. Come and experience Split’s ambiance for yourself. Trust me that the pictures don’t do it justice!”

Uwe Krauss, Tour Guide Extraordinaire

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