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The Benefits of Motorcycle Travel

Why We Continue to “Chase The Sun”

Right now in North Carolina, it’s hot, hot, hot, but that’s not keeping any of our team from riding whenever we get a chance. True motorcycle enthusiasts wish they could ride year-round and in some places you can. But for the rest of us, we’re left chasing the sun. Traveling to wherever has the best riding weather at that time, or “chasing the sun,” is common practice for us motorcycling folks. Travel allows us to not only escape bad weather, but to escape our everyday routines. It allows us to experience another area’s culture, cuisine, and architecture and in doing so, we begin to see everything a little bit differently.

If you are looking for a genuine travel experience that also quenches your thirst for great motorcycle roads, we have spots available for you on two of our upcoming European tours. Although these tours follow similar routes, they both offer two very unique trip experiences.

The deadline to register for both of these tours has been extended to Tuesday, June 9th; Contact us to learn more or to sign up!

August 23 – September 3, 2015

BMW Motorcycle Rental

Our longest running tour; the route is curvy and technical, perfect for experienced riders who have always wanted to ride in the Alps!

Highlights of the trip include Stelvio Pass, alpine sledding, and sightseeing in downtown Munich, Germany and Salzburg, Austria.

September 1-13, 2015

Harley Davidson Rental

This tour has a relaxed pace but still includes exciting pass roads like the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and the famous through roads in the Alps and Dolomites.

This tour includes a support vehicle for carrying additional luggage.

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