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Motorcycling Heaven is a Place on Earth: Part III

This past summer, I was lucky enough to join Blue Rim Tours on their Five-Country Tour in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, and Switzerland. The Five-Country Tour is their longest running trip, first organized by RoadRUNNER Magazine’s founder Christian Neuhauser. He wanted to bring readers back to the places that inspired him. It was my first time visiting Europe and what an amazing experience it was: I can only describe it as motorcycling heaven. As I write these blogs, I’m recounting the real reasons why someone should want to take this trip. So far, I’ve written about the radical roads, friendly folks, and rider camaraderie. Now it’s time to talk about some of my favorite things: comfy hotel rooms and delicious food!

Comfortable Accommodations

European charm infuses the country villages where riders find rest and repast each evening. I was impressed with the architectural uniformity of marrying chalet-style structures with modern building techniques and creature comforts. Pride of craftsmanship is ever-present in each hotel’s interior trimmings and furnishings. WiFi is usually provided without cost for guests. The level of cleanliness in these facilities rivals that of a hospital. Because traveling and touring by motorcycle is so common in Europe, many of the establishments cater to the specific needs of motorcyclists with indoor parking and other amenities.

Culinary Delights

The Five-Country Tour seeks to please all five of a rider’s senses, including that of taste. Breakfast was always a broad, buffet assortment of eggs, bacon, deli meats, mixed cheeses, various types of yogurt, baked goods, and more. The list of gourmet dishes for lunch and dinner is a long one, but suffice it to say that we sampled something different in each country. An Italian restaurant served us steaming hot authentic Italian pizza, which was most welcome at the chilly apex of the Stelvio Pass. In Munich we gorged on traditional Bavarian fare of sausages, sauerkraut, and roasted duck. Austria featured a variety of sausages and other unique dishes including a sumptuous mixture of hot dumplings and mushrooms with a rich sauce. And for those who choose to partake, evening meals always included a libation appropriate to that country: beer in Germany and Austria and vino in Italy. The dinner main course was followed by a hard-to-choose-just-one selection of desserts; favorites included gelato, fresh berries, and an irresistible tiramisu. Miraculously, I didn’t gain weight—I must have worked it off in the curves!

By far the best part about the great accommodations and amazing food is that I didn’t have to worry about any of it. The staff at Blue Rim Tours took care of all the details and because the tour guide was local, we got the real-deal, genuine European experience. You owe it to yourself to come see this motorcycling heaven. Get more details about the 2015 Five-Country Tour here.

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