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Sardinia & Corsica

Italy & France

May 21 - June 2, 2023 (fully booked)

Registration Deadline: February 26, 2022

Duration: 13-day vacation, 9 riding days,  1 sightseeing day, 2 travel days

Skill Level:                              (moderate)  

Group Size: 8 – 12 motorcycles

Arrival: Olbia, Italy (OLB)

Departure: Olbia, Italy (OLB)

Total Distance: 1,068 miles or 1,718 km

Average Daily Mileage: 97 miles or 156 km

Average Temperature: 50-72ºF / 12-22ºC

International Driver's License Required

Sardinia and Corsica - Two Diverse Islands

Come explore two completely unique worlds of language, history, culture and cuisine—just a short 50-minute ferry ride apart.


It is a truly magical experience to ride the islands of Sardinia and Corsica, sister islands in the Mediterranean presenting two wonderfully diverse cultures, languages, and cuisine. And all that separates these two island gems is a short boat ride. Both islands are stunning, with beautiful beaches, abundant nature, mystical castles and charming villages. What they do share in common are wonderfully curving mountain and coastal roads just begging to be experienced by motorcycle.


Sardinia offers an Italian flair with a slower and more down to earth attitude than mainland Italy. Stunning beaches (made famous in the film “The Black Stallion”) and winding roads of excellent pavement seem to have been created specifically for motorcycles.


After savoring Sardinia for four full days of riding we arrive at Porto Vecchio, the northern most point of the island and take the short ferry ride to Corsica. After four days of the Italian language and food, we transition to all things French. However, Corsica is famous for not wanting to be French, possessing its own proud heritage. Though in close proximity to Sardinia, Corsica is spectacularly exclusive, with its own brand of beauty and pace of life.


Corsica’s welcome point, Bonifacio, was built onto the rocks above the sea and hints at the type of mountainous fun to be expected over the next five days. The peaks of this French island are taller than Sardinia’s, reaching to 10,000 ft, producing even deeper valleys than her Italian neighbor. And once again, as with Sardinia, the roads here unfold as if a motorcyclist was in charge of road layout, with mountain curves and coastal routes certain to significantly raise the bar on your motorcycle riding experience.


Day 1
Overnight flight

Departure from the U.S. or Canada and arrival in Europe on the following day. There is a time difference of six hours from Eastern Standard Time.

Day 2
Arrival in Olbia, Sardinia (Italy)

We'll pick you up at the local airport of Olbia. The afternoon is reserved for relaxing or a visit to Olbia.

Day 3
Olbia - Olgiastra

After picking up our motorcycles we'll ride along the south coast of Sardinia, eat lunch in Cala Gonone, and ride one of the most impressive mountain roads of Sardinia starting in Dorgali in the afternoon. Vineyards and the occasional farm and impressive Gennargentu and Supramonte Mountains follow us all day. After playing most of the day in the mountains we ride back to the sea.

Day 4

Today we explore Ogliastra, the province stretching from the summits of the Gennargentu to the Tyrrhenian sea.  You'll marvel at villages that inexplicably cling to the steep mountain slopes. More vineyards!

Day 5
Olgiastra - Bosa

From the center of the island we travel to the western side. Strada 198 is a special highlight and we pass over the Gennargentu Mountains with 1834 meters as the highest point in Sardinia. We'll overnight in the small Sardinian town of Bosa. The Temo river is lined by palm trees, with the gigantic fortress of Malaspina serving as a backdrop.

Day 6
Bosa, Sardinia (Italy) to Porto Vecchio, Corsica (France)

Ride along the most beautiful coastal roads of Italy. First stop of the day will be Castelsardo. Next Capo Testa, the northern edge of Sardinia with granite rock formations. A 50-minute ferry ride brings us to Corsica, our arrival on the French island. We'll be overnighting in Porto Vecchio.

Day 7
Porto Vecchio - Corte

From Porto Vecchio we climb from 0 up to the 1,218 meter high Col de Bavella, a stunning pass road. It's just the first of many, as we'll  pass three more across the Bavella Range before we reach Corte, the historical capital of the island. The impressive castle high above the small city emphasizes the former importance of the place, Corte.

Day 8
Corte - Saint Florent

We'll venture from the magical Restonica Valley to the beautiful old fishing port of St. Florent. You can walk up to the castle, take a boat ride to some secluded beach, or just relax at the conveniently located beach hotel for the afternoon.

Day 9
Saint Florent

Optional rest day. Explore the strikingly beautiful town of Saint Florent or take an exciting 70-mile loop around the endless corners of Cape Corse, the northern tip of the island. Old mountain and fishing villages with spectacular views unfold on the ride between mountains and sea.

Day 10 
Saint Florent - Piana

A rather otherworldly ride leads us through the Desert de Agriates, a landscape completely devoid of people, up to 1,200ft high granite rocks sticking out of the evergreen macchia vegetation. Later in Calvi you'll be shocked with quite the contrast. Calvi is a popular tourist area, but don't worry, it still offers fabulous scenery. The coast seems to be forgotten and the day reserved for maximum fun on a motorcycle.

Day 11
Piana - Bonifacio

The west coast of Corsica is dominated by four large bays. We see each one of those natural wonders crossing several mountain ranges. We'll be staying in Bonifacio, with one of the most spectacular settings of a town in the Mediterranean.

Day 12
Bonifacio, Corsica (France) - Olbia, Sardinia (Italy)

The best way to see the town is by foot, so we'll explore Bonifacio leaving the motorcycle behind. But not for long! A 50-minute ferry will take us back to Sardinia again. Riding south along Costa Esmeralda, the iconic coast featuring red rock formations, green macchia, and blue water in the northeast of the island end the tour on a high note. It's our last evening on Sardinia's coast. You won't want to, but we have to return the motorcycles.

Day 13

Flight from Olbia, Italy and flight home.

What Your Tour Includes

  • Your choice of motorcycle rental

  • Support van

  • Multilingual tour guide(s)

  • Accommodations at historic hotels (11 hotel nights)

  • All breakfasts and dinners (lunch is not provided)

  • Fuel during the entire trip

  • Airport shuttle service

  • All entrance fees, ferries and tolls

  • A detailed tour information package including maps, guide books, and a T-shirt

2022 Prices (per person)

Not Included in the Tour Price

Not included in the tour price are international or other airfare to/from Olbia, Italy, personal items, passport, speeding tickets and other fines, lunches, beverages, personal hotel room charges, laundry and dry cleaning, telephone calls, medical and accident insurance, and transportation to and from the airport for early arrivals and late departures.


The hotels are mostly family-owned and -operated and each has wonderful local flavor. They are three- to four-star establishments, and all provide breakfast and dinner. You will feel welcome and at home right away. Some hotels have a pool or sauna, so bring your bathing suit, and all provide hair dryers. If you bring any electronic devices, remember that Europe has different voltage (220V) and electrical outlets, so make sure you have the right converters and plugs and that your electronic devices work on both voltages. Casual clothes for evenings are fine; there’s no need for formal wear.

Group Size

The group will be between eight and twelve riders and will be followed by the support van.

Roads and Traffic

Though riding an average of only 97 miles (156 km) per day may seem easy, don’t be deceived. You should be comfortable riding in traffic as well as on narrow and curvy mountain and coastal roads.

Rental Bikes

Available motorcycles may be subject to change.


  • F 700 GS or F 750 GS 

  • F 850 GS

  • R 1200 GS or R 1250 GS

Motorcycles are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, depending upon availability and are not guaranteed.

Keep in mind that smaller bikes handle much better on curvy, narrow roads! Great choices for a carefree, leisurely ride is the F 700 GS / F 750 GS. They handle very easily on the tight corners and still have enough power to keep up with anybody else on these roads. The R 1200 GS / R 1250 GS are good choices for two-up riding. You may want to check out these bikes at your local dealer to see which one feels the most comfortable for you.


Tour members will be able to securely store suitcases and any other extra luggage in the first hotel of the trip. One piece of luggage per person will go on the support van. The motorcycles we provide for our tours are equipped with a luggage system. All motorcycles are equipped with side cases and a top case.

The rental motorcycles are not equipped with tankbags. If you bring a tankbag, make sure that it uses straps and not magnets, which won’t work on the BMWs’ tanks. An electrical socket for GPS, although you won’t need one, is available upon request. You will need a Powerlet plug that fits the BMW socket.

Motorcycle Insurance

VIP motorcycle insurance is included in your tour package, the deductible for F700/750GS is approximately $825 ( €750), for F850GS is $1100 (€1000) and for R1200/1250GS $1650 (€1500). The actual amount may vary due to currency fluctuation. This amount will be held on your credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) at the time of picking up your motorcycle and is refunded upon return.  


In case of minor damage to your motorcycle, an appraisal of the repair cost is made, based on the dealer’s cost, and paid from your deductible. In case the cost of any damage to the motorcycle is higher than the deductible, or if the bike is stolen, the deductible is forfeited entirely. The insurance company will cover the remainder of the cost.

Trip Extras

To ensure that you have the easiest travel experience possible, Blue Rim Tours offers select services for an additional fee. If you are interested in any of the following trip extras, please indicate on your registration form:

  • Early/late lodging arrangements

  • Extended motorcycle rental​

Deposit and Payment

A deposit of $1,000 per person is required to reserve your place on the tour. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. We accept personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. On February 26, 2022, 50% of the tour price is due. The remaining balance of the tour is due before or on April 9, 2022.

NOTE: We’re currently reserving spots without requiring an immediate $1,000 deposit. The $1,000 deposit will be due 6 months before the scheduled tour due. This is due to the current travel situation. Please complete the registration form which reserves your spot on the tour.

Reservation Deadline

The deadline for registration is February 26, 2022. 

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you need to cancel your trip and do so (in writing) between February 26 and April 8, 2022, you forfeit 50% of the total tour price. April 9, 2022 and after, the total tour price is nonrefundable.

Minimum Tour Requirement 

We reserve the right to cancel any tour if the number of participants booked does not meet the minimum requirement to operate the trip or due to force majeure. In the unlikely event that this should occur, your payment will be refunded minus the non-refundable registration fee. This fee can be applied to another tour of your choice. Please make your flight reservations after the registration deadline for the tour. We will send a reminder email to book your flight.

Trip & Medical Insurance

It is highly recommended that you get trip insurance. Also, check with your health insurance provider about your coverage while traveling overseas. For additional information on trip cancellation insurance, visit Please read our helpful blog about travel insurance here​.


Temperatures will range between 50 and 72 degrees F or 12 and 22 degrees C. It’s the beginning of the summer, so expect lots of sun. The temperature changes as we ride in the mountains; it’s warmer in the valley and cooler as we ride along the coast. Your best option is to dress in several layers so you can easily adjust to the weather conditions to be adequately prepared. In case of heavy rain or other bad weather, we will choose the shortest route to the next hotel.


Contact Information

Blue Rim Tours


3601 Edgemoor Court

Clemmons NC 27012

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