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September 10 - 22, 2023



Registration Deadline:  June 5, 2023

Duration: 13-day vacation, 10 riding days,

                    1 sightseeing day, 2 travel days

Skill Level:                             (moderate)  

Group Size: 6 – 10 motorcycles

Arrival: Athens, Greece (ATH)

Departure: Athens, Greece (ATH)

Total Distance: 905 miles or 1448 km

Average Daily Mileage: 129 miles or 207 km

Average Temperature: 65-90ºF / 18-32ºC

International Driver's License Required

Highlights: Birth place of the Olympic games, UNESCO World Heritage site Mycenae, Epidaurus, Mystras, the temple of Apollo, Monemvasia (Gibraltar of the East), and the emerald coastline. 

A unique and very special motorcycle travel experience, this tour mixes the legendary beauty of Greece with the region’s rich and provocative history.


Come ride motorcycles in the area Lonely Planet voted the top spot in their Best of Europe list for 2016. This region of southern Greece—which is connected to the central part of the country by the Isthmus of Corinth land bridge—is known as the Peloponnese, and in addition to its fascinating role in ancient mythology and history is prime motorcycle riding country. The welcome climate and beauty of Greece is the backdrop for this most engaging of tours. Be ready to have your mind and body stimulated by challenging riding amidst fascinating history.

Winding coastal roads with sparkling sea and emerald beaches are combined with stunning alpine passes and countryside, creating a recipe for an unforgettable motorcycling experience. These essential elements for riding enjoyment are immersed in deep historical significance, making this one of Blue Rim Tours’ most enthralling two-wheel experiences. Escape the crowds on remote roads where breathtaking vistas, Greece’s legendary cuisine, and excellent hotels make this tour one of those premiere life experiences.


The tour visits numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the ancient Mycenae and Epidaurus, the Byzantine site of Mystras (where the last emperor of Byzantium was crowned), the temple of Apollo, the Medieval castle of Palamidi in Nafplion, and the ancient Olympia—birthplace of the Olympic Games. The tour will also take participants through the area of Mani, to the Medieval fortified city of Monemvasia—“Gibraltar of the East”—and the subterranean river in the caves of Diros.


Blue Rim Tours has strategically created this tour to provide generally traffic-free riding so you can enjoy the curves, scenery, and the rich tapestry of ancient history. The mountain and coastal routes (all paved) are narrow with plenty of hairpins (some very tight) so you should be confident in your ability to negotiate these types of roads. This fascinating tour of excellent riding and world history awaits you in the magical realm of southern Greece. Come and create your own tales to rival those of Brave Ulysses.        

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Day 1
Overnight flight

Departure from the U.S. or Canada and arrival in Europe on the following day. There is a time difference of seven hours from Eastern Standard Time.

Day 2 - Monday September 11, 2023
Arrival in Athens, Greece

We'll meet at the hotel in the later afternoon to meet and greet. After the briefing, we will head out to the welcome dinner.

Day 3
Athens to Arcadia

In the morning, we will pick up the motorcycle before leaving Athens. We ride out of Athens to the province of Arcadia passing beautiful stone houses in villages dramatically built on the slopes.

Day 4
Arcadia (ancient Olympia)

We visit the ancient site of Olympia. On the way we will see churches, towers, and castles built centuries ago. The route back to the hotel will be twisty and scenic over mountainous roads.

Day 5
Arcadia to Pylos

Leaving Arcadia, we will head south to stay in the seaside town of Pylos on the southwest Peloponnesian coast. The town rises up amphitheatrically around the Navarino bay (named for the Italian name for the town).

Day 6
Pylos to Mani

We will continue on to the restored town of Mani. Keep an eye out for the Towers of Mani, built in the late thirteenth century.

Day 7
Mani (optional rest day or ride)

You can choose to go for a ride around the rugged Mani area or relax seaside.

Day 8
Mani to Kinsterna

We leave from Mani and head up the east side of the Peloponnese to Kinsterna. More stone buildings make up this seaside town along with amazing 360-degree views.

Day 9
Kinsterna (optional rest day or ride)

An optional ride to coast is planned for the day. If you need a break from riding, you can explore this beautiful coastal town.

Day 10
Kinsterna to Nafplio

Leaving the rugged coastline, we now head to the first capital of the reborn Greek nation, Nafplio.

Day 11
Nafplio (optional rest day or ride)

We give you the option to ride along the Argolic gulf or explore Naflplio. This fishing town features narrow venetian style alleys and streets that may lead you to the doors of a castle.

Day 12
Nafplio to Athens

We will take secondary roads back to Athens visiting ancient sites along the way. Once back in Athens, we will return the bikes then meet for a farewell dinner in the evening.

Day 13 - Friday September 22, 2023

Flight home from Athens. You'll arrive in the U.S. and Canada on the same day. 

What Your Tour Includes

  • Your choice of motorcycle rental

  • Support vehicle for additional luggage and limited space for passengers

  • Multilingual tour guide(s)

  • Accommodations at charming hotels (11 hotel nights)

  • All breakfasts and dinners (lunch is not provided)

  • Fuel during the entire trip

  • All entrance fees and tolls

  • A detailed tour information package including maps, guide books, and a T-shirt

2023 Prices (per person) 
We reserve the right to adjust the rates at any time.

* VIP insurance to lower deductible for BMWs is available. Find details under "Motorcycle Insurance."

Not Included in the Tour Price

Not included in the tour price are international or other airfare to/from Greece, personal items, passport, speeding tickets and other fines, lunches, beverages, personal hotel room charges, laundry and dry cleaning, telephone calls, medical and accident insurance, and transportation to and from the airport.


We'll stay in charming and family-owned hotels that offer exquisite cuisine, which makes this trip very exciting.   


Some hotels have a pool, so bring your bathing suit; all provide hair dryers. If you bring any electronic devices, remember that Europe has different voltage (220V) and electrical outlets, so make sure you have the right converters and plugs and that your electronic devices work on both voltages. Casual clothing to wear in the evenings is fine; there’s no need for formal wear.

Group Size

The group will be between six and ten riders and will be led by one or two guides.  

Roads and Traffic

Though riding an average of only 129 miles (207 km) per day may seem easy, don’t be deceived. You should be comfortable riding in traffic as well as on narrow and curvy mountain roads.

Rental Bikes

Available motorcycles may be subject to change.


  • Honda CB500X

  • Honda NC750X

  • BMW F 750 GS

  • BMW R 1200 GS or R 1250 GS

Motorcycles are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, depending upon availability and are not guaranteed.

Keep in mind that smaller bikes handle much better on curvy, narrow roads! Great choices for a carefree, leisurely ride is the Honda CB500X or BMW F 750 GS. They handle very easily on the tight corners and still have enough power to keep up with anybody else on these roads. The R 1200 GS / R 1250 GS is good choice for two-up riding. You may want to check out these bikes at your local dealer to see which one feels the most comfortable for you.


One piece of luggage per person will go on the support van. Tour members will be able to securely store suitcases and any other extra luggage in the first hotel of the trip. The motorcycles we provide for our tours are equipped with a luggage system. All motorcycles are equipped with a top case. Side cases are available upon request.

The rental motorcycles are not equipped with tankbags. If you bring a tankbag, make sure that it uses straps and not magnets, which won’t work on the BMWs’ tanks. An electrical socket for GPS, although you won’t need one, is available upon request. You will need a Powerlet plug that fits the BMW socket.

Motorcycle Insurance

The deductible for the motorcycle insurance included in your tour package, varies depending on the model:

      Honda CB500X - $1,495, no VIP insurance available

      Honda NC750X - $1,620, to lower deductible to $660, add $230 VIP insurance

      BMW F 750 GS - $2,185, to lower deductible to $863, add $230 VIP insurance

      BMW R 1200/1250 GS - $2,875, to lower deductible to $863, add $230 VIP insurance


The actual amount may vary due to currency fluctuation. This amount will be held on your credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) at the time of picking up your motorcycle and is refunded upon return.  


In case of minor damage to your motorcycle, an appraisal of the repair cost is made, based on the dealer’s cost, and paid from your deductible. In case the cost of any damage to the motorcycle is higher than the deductible, or if the bike is stolen, the deductible is forfeited entirely. The insurance company will cover the remainder of the cost.

Trip Extras

To ensure that you have the easiest travel experience possible, Blue Rim Tours offers select services for an additional fee. If you are interested in any of the following trip extras, please indicate on your registration form:

  • Early/late lodging arrangements

  • Extended motorcycle rental​

Deposit and Payment

A deposit of $1,000 per person is required to reserve your place on the tour. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. We accept personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. 50% of the tour price is due on June 5, 2023. The remaining balance of the tour is due before or on July 5, 2023.

Reservation Deadline

The deadline for registration is June 5, 2023. 

Cancellation Policy

If for any reason you need to cancel your trip and do so (in writing) between June 5 and July 5, 2023, you forfeit 50% of the total tour price. July 5, 2023 and after, the total tour price is non-refundable.

Minimum Tour Requirement 

We reserve the right to cancel any tour if the number of participants booked does not meet the minimum requirement to operate the trip or due to force majeure. In the unlikely event that this should occur, your payment will be refunded including the non-refundable registration fee. 


Please make your flight reservations after the registration deadline for the tour. We will send you a reminder email to book your flight.

Trip & Medical Insurance

It is highly recommended that you get trip insurance. Also, check with your health insurance provider about your coverage while traveling overseas. For additional information on trip cancellation insurance, visit Please read our helpful blog about travel insurance here​.


Temperatures will range between 65 and 90 degrees F or 18 and 32 degrees C. It’s the end of the summer, so expect warm weather. The temperature changes as we ride in the mountains; it’s warmer in the valley and cooler as we ride along the coast. Your best option is to dress in several layers so you can easily adjust to the weather conditions to be adequately prepared. In case of heavy rain or other bad weather, we will choose the shortest route to the next hotel.


Contact Information

Blue Rim Tours


3601 Edgemoor Court

Clemmons NC 27012

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